Simon Macbeth Roundhay, All Change, Chapter 13: Part 1 of 5

The years around Simon Macbeth Roundhay 20th birthday revolved entirely around women.  They became the most important part of my life.  From the age of 18 to 22 I would go out six nights a week, get drunk, and usually take a different woman back home.  This went on for years really, right through until about 1998.  It started off being entirely about sex.  There were nights when I’d go with two or three different women in a night.  It was like I had blinkers on, indiscriminately chasing skirts.

I got a job working in the Jug and Bottle in the Merrion Centre in Leeds.  At first glance it wasn’t much of a place.  It wasn’t that fancy or really very pleasant.  Old men congregated to have a pint together.  For me it was a few hours work each week and it brought some money in.


I started there on a Friday night and immediately realised that I’d got my assessment of the place wrong.  It was paradise; full of young women wearing short skirts and at that age there was nothing more that I wanted.  It was just like being back at Butlin’s in Pwllheli where I could take the pick of virtually any of the women there, and that’s what I did.

There was another lad who worked with me and together we made quite a bit of money on the side.  Every time we had a large order, we’d only ring half of it through the till and pocket a few quid.  As a result, over the three or four shifts I was doing a week I was making over 100 quid on the side.  This was big money to me and enabled me to go out every night of the week if I wanted to and still have enough to cover my rent.

The Assistant Manager was a nice lad named Steve.  He was about 10 years older than me and used to play on the fruit machines.  It was Steve who introduced me to the local casino.  I made some good friends there and it was the first time in quite a while where I felt included.  There was always someone to go out with.  I felt like I was a part of something and not on the periphery.


Underneath the Jug & Bottle was a nightclub called Top Cats.  It was one of the dodgiest, roughest, sleaziest places you could think of and we got in there without paying because we worked in the bar upstairs.  We went there every night after work for a couple of hours and got drunk together.

I worked at The Jug & Bottle until February 1996, when I got sacked after the Area Manager made an issue of my spending more time engaged in activities with young ladies than working.  He had a point, but I never neglected my job.  When it was quiet I’d hop over the bar and talk, kiss, and do other stuff with women.  I was sacked and barred from there for a couple of months.

Getting sacked only spoiled things for me temporarily. I still went around the other local bars and still had as much fun as I had been doing. This type of life went on for me for a couple of years, where I’d have jobs in pubs and bars and go out regularly drinking and meeting young ladies.

Those early nights out with mates had always included a challenge to pull the best looking girl on the night and I loved it.  Attracting women was something I was good at.  We used to have a “10 to 2” rule. Nightclubs would shut at two in the morning, so we’d never approach a girl until 10 minutes before two o’clock.  There was no point wasting time buying drinks and engaging in small talk with the girl, when you only wanted her for one thing.  We used the hours before to have a beer and a laugh with mates, but when it got to “10 to 2” we’d spring into action and find whichever girl we wanted to spend the night with.  There were always about five or six possibilities by that time, which subconsciously you would rank in order of looks.  You’d start at the top of the list and if she hadn’t got a lad with her already and was still available, you’d go over and ask something as straightforward as, “Do you want to come back to mine tonight?”


Most of the time she’d say “yes” because she wouldn’t have been on the list in the first place if you didn’t think she was interested.  During the night you would flirt a bit and exchange a few words to test the water. The others on the list would be there as backup in case the number one choice wasn’t able to come back home with you.  Even though she was interested, it didn’t mean she hadn’t got kids, a boyfriend, or even a husband back at home.  We were playing probabilities.  If you had enough girls on your list, you were guaranteed success.  It was just a case of getting the best one you could.  With only 10 minutes to do this in, there was no time to waste on maybes.

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