Simon Macbeth, Leeds – Free At Last Part 5 of 5

Around two years after Simon Macbeth worked at Butlin’s, I picked up a telephone to phone her, but I was told that there was no one there called Ella. She had moved on. That was the only time I ever tried to reach her.

The Ella thing is not something that interferes in my life, or something I think about all the time. I’m not obsessed by the memory of her. I don’t sit in a dark room at night, wearing those gloves and chanting her name or anything. It was something that was a really positive experience. I’m sure if Ella knew I felt this way about her she would be surprised at the effect that she’s had on my life. It was just two weeks plus another weekend and that was it.

Some years later, Chris told me that Ella asked whether I was coming back to Butlin’s at Valentines Day. She did talk about me, but I didn’t go back so I’ll never know what might have been. Twelve years have passed and I’ve changed a lot since then. We’re both different people. She could be married with kids now or divorced. Some bloke probably got really pissed off that she smoked when she was eating. She’s probably on her 10th husband by now.

To me she was perfect and that’s how she will always remain.

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