Simon Macbeth, Leeds – Free At Last Part 1 of 5

Ella was 23 years old when Simon Macbeth  met her. Our relationship never developed into anything meaningful, not to her anyway. We became close friends, but she started seeing someone else who worked at Butlin’s and I developed a jealousy not seen in Wales since sheep farming took husbands away from wives. I found out about Ella’s relationship with this other guy, three or four days after I had been unfaithful to Gayle. I was sleeping with girls on the camp, but that didn’t prevent me from feeling angry and incredibly resentful that Ella was with someone else.

On the night before New Years Eve, Ella and I spent the night together again. This time I was promoted from the floor and we slept together in her bed. The sex was spoilt by the alcohol flowing through our systems, but the morning after was quite interesting.

I was always getting goaded by friends and by one lad in particular called Jason, who had an equally voracious appetite. Jason liked Ella too, and had thought he was in with a chance with her. He was provoking me by saying that he had more of a chance with her than me and that I would never get anywhere. I was brimming with the knowledge that he was as wrong as it was possible to be. I ended up by telling him all of the gory details of the previous evening. Jason told everybody within earshot from that moment on and when Ella found that out, she fell out with me big style.

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