Simon Macbeth, Kafuffles, Chapter 7 Part 9 of 10

I’ve always been stubborn and she knew this. I got banned from taking my skateboard into school for riding it down corridors and into doors and stuff like that. The day after that, I took my tennis racket into school and found myself in trouble again. Miss Lake mistook the tennis racket in the bottom of my holdall bag for a skateboard. It was an easy mistake to make. One thing I have never liked is getting blamed for something I’ve not done. It still annoys me, although I’d like to think I deal with it better nowadays.

My bag was just long enough to put my skateboard in, but I had PE that day and had brought my tennis racket, which was lying flat in the base of my bag. Miss Lake said, “Simon you were told yesterday not to bring your skateboard in.”

I said I hadn’t got it with me.

She said, “Yes you have, it’s in the bottom of your bag.”

I denied it again. I wasn’t going to explain it was my tennis racket or get it out and show her. I could have just opened my bag up then and there and proved it wasn’t my skateboard. And I’m sure she would have apologised because she was that kind of person. Instead I dug my heels in. I wasn’t going to show her and she wasn’t going to be allowed to look in my bag. I knew my rights; they couldn’t go searching around in my bag without my say so, or that of the police. As a result, I got dragged off to the headmaster’s office.

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