Simon Macbeth, Kafuffles, Chapter 7 Part 8 of 10

The second year at school, I behaved myself. I turned over a new leaf for the whole year, although it wasn’t premeditated. It just happened and I realised later that I’d been better behaved.

In the third year, I went back to square one, rebelling against everything. I hated being made to learn all of these grand titled things that I couldn’t see the relevance of. I hated the learning methods in a classroom situation. It wasn’t for me. Different people learn in different ways. The methods teachers used were no good for me. I was always a bright, intelligent person. I always had the ability to learn and understand new things. I had the mental capacity to be able to deal with it. The reason I did so badly at school was because I didn’t enjoy it. It didn’t engage or excite me at all.

I think that because the battery inside my brain was underused academically, I was using up its power in other ways, to cause mischief instead. I’ve always had an active mind. The large chunks of my brain not occupied at school were used to get into trouble instead. The amount of times I was sent out of the classroom compared to other people was ridiculous. One of the reasons I was never expelled from school was that I always knew what was right and wrong. I knew that there were boundaries and how far I could push things. I’d take things all the way up to that line, but very rarely crossed it.

I had an okay time at school. There were a few people who picked on me and gave me a hard time, but nothing too horrendous. In turn, there were a few people I picked on and gave a hard time to, and again it was just a few fights.

For my GCSEs I picked all of the non-academic subjects, like art and technical drawing. Again because of the learning methods in these, I didn’t do that well. I thought I did well in art. My art teacher for the last couple of years was Miss Lake. She was only in her early twenties and probably in one of her first teaching jobs. She was a good teacher, but she didn’t always like me. She was also my form tutor and she saw all of the trouble I was getting into.

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