Simon Macbeth, Kafuffles, Chapter 7 Part 3 of 10

He said, “I’ve come across people like you before. You’re in high school next year and I know full well where you’ll end up in a couple of year’s time. In the next two or three years I’ll be reading your name in the juvenile court section of the newspaper.” I stood there listening to this and thought that he was talking complete rubbish. I remember thinking that what he was saying wasn’t going to happen to me, and it never did. I imagine that was his intention.

simon macbeth part 3

Maybe things would have been different if he hadn’t said what he did, as part of Simon Macbeth wanted to prove him wrong. I never considered the trouble I got into to be that serious. It was always just petty mischief really, scraps and scrapes and a bit of trouble in class. That was the last time I ever made an appearance in Ruben Robson’s office. I think I had overstayed my welcome.

My main problem was that I was stubborn. I got sent to see him once because I had been sat in a class, taken by the deputy headmaster with my baseball cap on. The deputy head came in and said, “We don’t wear hats indoors, do we?” I sat there with my head down, a bit of a snigger on my face knowing he was talking to me. He’d not said take it off or anything, he continued to say, “It is really rude when people wear hats inside, especially inside classrooms.”

Everyone knew he was directing his comments at me. People were looking at me, some were giggling and I revelled in being the centre of attention. That’s why I often did stupid things, so people would include me in their lives. I was attention seeking at school because I wasn’t getting enough at home.

The deputy headmaster lost his temper with me. He started shouting and told me to get out of the classroom and go straight to Mr Robson’s office. The reason I didn’t take the cap off was because he was trying to be clever. If he’d said something like, “Simon could you take your cap off please? You know you shouldn’t wear it inside,” I would have taken it off immediately. I don’t have a problem with authority; I have a problem with authority that forgets to treat you with a bit of respect. After all, no one had ever told me not to wear my cap in the classroom before.

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